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There are a few reasons to visit the coastal city of New London, Connecticut, in addition to its beautiful beaches and scenic views of the Connecticut River.

Residence Inn New Bedford - Dartmouth is located on the east side of the Connecticut River, a short drive from New London. The beautiful scenery provides a safe and relaxing home, located in the wooded acres of Lakeover National Golf Club on the corner of North Main St. and South Main Rd. Those who travel further will have wonderful views of the Hudson Valley, the Hudson River and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in much of upstate New York. Drive in any direction, Lake over The National Golf Club is also located on Lake Over Rd., just a few miles north of Dartmouth.

Founded in 1902, the Country Club of New Bedford is a long-established club that boasts the best golf in the state of Connecticut and one of the most prestigious golf courses in New England. For more information about the club or its events, call the office at 508 - 997 - 0762. Founded in 1903 by the late John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Mary, they are part of the club built - in tradition and with the best golf experience in Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York.

The Bedford Country Club is located at the foot of the Otterspitze in Bedford County and was chartered in April 1949. The original club was located on Hawthorn, Brigham and Allen streets, which borders the West End of New Bedford, and continued to Rockdale Avenue. Since its founding in 1902, it has had a long tradition, led by the late John F. Kennedy Jr. and his wife Mary.

Bedford Village Country Club has been named one of New York's top 10 golf courses. The store was one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the United States and the second largest golf club in America after the Polo Club in New Jersey, and was also the number one golf and sports venue in New York.

The Grand Slam Health Tennis Club is a private tennis facility located on the grounds of the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Bedford, New Hampshire. Bedford Golf and Tennis Club is the largest and most prestigious of its kind in the United States and the second largest golf club in New York. Bedford Country Club, Inc. was founded in 1949 and is located at 3563 Peaks Rd, Bedford. This private tennis court is located at the intersection of Peaks Road and Bedford Road, just south of Bedford Town Hall. The NewBedford Whalers Museum is one of only a handful of whaling museums in North America, the only one in Connecticut.

Bedford Village Country Club is located in Mount Kisco and features a golf course, tennis courts, golf courses and a private golf club. Learn more about the Topo and learn more about this beautiful country club and its history in New Bedford, New Hampshire. The Golf and Tennis Club Bedford, The Inc. golf course at Bedford Town Hall is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as one of the oldest golf clubs in North America and the second oldest in Connecticut.

The first is also a park, a golf course, tennis courts, golf courses and a private golf club as well as a bowling alley.

If you are planning a tour of the area, you can count on the New Bedford Car Service to show you everything the region has to offer.

The New Bedford Car Service, the largest auto service in the state of Connecticut, is located on the corner of Main and Main Streets, just outside the city of New Boston.

Rich in the textile factories that have sustained it for 50 years, New Bedford is far from thriving, though rich. There is a small town center in Pittsfield, where Melville bought a 1790s farmhouse and 160 acres in 1850.

In the 19th century, the surrounding communities were populated mainly by Protestants of English, Scottish and Welsh origin. Bedford is located between the infamous Greenwich (CT) and Chappaqua (NY), so it feels extremely rural and New England, with rolling hills, a small town center and a few small farms, but not much more.

In later centuries, immigrants from Cape Verde came to New Bedford and the surrounding area, attracted by jobs in the whaling industry. In the late 19th century, the average trade was 638 ships per year, with most coming from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire. This reflects the historical seafaring past of the city, which was dominated by the whale industry. Many of the unsavoury guesthouses that lined the former Bethel Street have disappeared, but they have been preserved and restored, as have a number of other historic buildings and buildings.

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