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A handful of restaurants in Washington state are defying health officials' orders to close indoor restaurants as cases of coronavirus have soared, and in at least one case the restaurant owner says business is booming. Conn. - Small Connecticut restaurant owners are taking out loans to waive their paychecks and demanding to stay in business amid a continuing coronavirus pandemic in their state. Brian Robbins, who runs a restaurant south of Olympia near the state capital, says his wife visited Spiffy's earlier this week and was inspired to reopen it on Wednesday. The restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and offers takeout and curbside pickup.

The menu includes a mix of Japanese and Chinese food, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, as well as various salads. It also has an oven and appetizers include fresh shrimp, octopus and scungilli dressed with garlic, onions, garlic sauce, cilantro and red wine vinegar. In addition to pizza, it offers a Greek-style salad, a salad bar and a selection of sandwiches, salads and sandwiches.

The list includes chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork ribs, as well as a selection of starters, salads and pasta.

The Cumberland, Md., region has been slow, with more than 24,000 new cases reported and hospital admissions at record levels. The single-case record was set Thursday, and Pennsylvania and New Jersey did the same on Friday. On Sunday, New Hampshire became the first state to record 100,000 cases in just over a week. It is currently averaging 1.5 cases a day, a record for May, which the Centers for Disease Control said was reached in May.

Mr. Samuelson, who has owned the restaurant for nearly 50 years, said a woman drove in from New York City just to eat. He said he had seen a significant increase in patients this week, with more than 1,000 new cases last week alone.

In an interview, Robbins stressed that he did not disregard Mr. Inslee's order, but rather to ensure that he allowed for social gatherings indoors despite the sharp restrictions imposed by the health care law. Lamont, a Democrat, said he understood the "incredible hardship" the restaurant was going through and would allow the restaurant's capacity to remain at 50% until the end of medical care. He said: "I understand the incredible hardship this restaurant is going through" and said he would keep it at 50% capacity until the end of the medical treatment.

Baker resisted calls to close schools and restaurants, citing figures from Massachusetts that showed the virus had not spread to other parts of the state in recent days, officials said.

Many restaurants in the historic harbor village offer fresh seafood, but as in much of the country, the cold weather is likely to put off many restaurants that rely on fresh seafood from New York, New Jersey and other parts of New England.

You can be reached at (914) 834-8300 or (508) 990-9588 at Palmer Avenue 1957, Larchmont.

When the restaurant was converted from a café, the family devoted themselves to making it a home away from home, opening it as the first of its kind in Connecticut. Given that the high COVID-19 infection rate means that winter weather is putting an end to indoor eating, some are bracing themselves for the possibility of it being closed again, but not for long.

Commonwealth Health, which runs hospitals across the state, says it is looking to increase staff as a wave of new patients threatens to overwhelm already thin medical staff. The place is so crowded that the staff had to close the doors while 20 people wait. There are only seven tables for guests in the brewery, although there are about 20 inside, due to the high COVID-19 infection rate.

More than 600 restaurants have closed since the pandemic began, with some warning that the final number could reach the thousands with more government aid. POLITICO Massachusetts has a list of partners who want to reach and activate the most influential people from across the Bay State. More than 600 restaurants closed before the pandemic began, while some warn that the final numbers could rise to more than a thousand without the help of other governments.

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